Perhaps you have heard of the little book, Random Acts of Kindness, written by The Editors of Conari Press. This book has been an inspiration for a kindness movement. There is even a website devoted to assisting people who want to show kindness to a weary world. Click on to read stories, thoughtful quotations and suggestions for generosity to help readers to live more compassionately.

At Lubbock Junior Academy, we see these daily acts of kindness. Kindness starts at the beginning of the day during worship and continues all day. Students practice sharing during recess and older students often assist younger students with their schoolwork. One particularly difficult day one of our students wrote a happy note to a student who was feeling down.

There are certain conditions which encourage students to care for one another and to show kindness. These conditions are factors with which the Lord has blessed Lubbock Junior Academy. We ask the Lord to daily help us remember:

►That every student can grow.
►To give positive messages and encouragement.
►To be flexible
►To set a comfortable learning climate.

Please prayerfully consider enrolling your elementary age children at Lubbock Junior Academy for the 2015–2016 school year. God will continue to bless you and your child.

Susan Zimmermann