Q: How many Adventists does
it take to change a light bulb?
A: That depends on where the
bulb is. If it’s at home, it
should take one; however,
some of the bulbs in the
Worship Center (Sanctuary)
and the Parking Lot may best
be changed with at
least two…

Q: How many Adventists does it take to turn on a
light switch?
A: One, if the switch is working. All of our light
switches are, to my knowledge…

Q: How many Adventists does it take to be a
A: That depends on who is willing. YAH (God)
wants each of us to be a Light in our
homes, in our workplaces, in our
communities, and around the world.
In the Gospel account of John, the Tenth
Chapter and Twenty-fifth Verse, the
Anointed Savior (Jesus Christ) told the
Jews that “the works that I do in My
Father’s Name, they bear witness of Me.”
The Greek word for “bear witness” could also be
translated as “bear (historic) record” or
“testify”. Throughout his Earthly Sojourn,
Christ gave testimony of the Heavenly Father –
not by words, nor by deeds, but by His
CHARACTER. He was always selfless in
focus, selfless in service, and selfless in
love with all that He said and did, showing
the world what it means to be a
Living Sanctuary for God.

It’s as though His Life was like a “See ‘n Say”
whose centerpiece always pointed one
direction: towards Heaven.

Brothers and Sisters of the Way, we are each
called to be “the Light of the World” (Matthew
5:14-15). Each of us can Be the Image of God,
publicly and privately, if we CHOOSE to “plug
into the Source”. It is only through
continual prayer, study, and living a devoted life
of Selfless Love (Agape) that we will be the
Light of the World: a “See ‘n Say”
that always points toward Heaven…
Let’s go BIG and go Home!

— Your Servant
Robert Plant, II, Head Elder