Today we are pleased to
welcome Sam and Susie Baron
to the Lubbock Church. The
Barons have been members of
the Midland Seventh-day
Adventist Church for quite a
number of years. Sam has long
served as the Head Elder and
lead Sabbath School teacher
and Susie holds various leadership
positions as well. They live on a beautiful
little farm southeast of the city where Susie’s
Mom, Theo Baron, also has a home.

Sam grew up in Southern California and entered
the US Navy as a young adult. He retired after 20
years of active duty as a submariner having spent
much of that time ‘underwater’. When he retired,
Sam and Susie decided to stay in Texas, and
Midland has been their home. They have been
blessed with three sons and their families and
enjoy spending time with all of them.

Sam will share a sermon message with us today
as our guest speaker. The scripture text that he
has chosen is found just a little more than a chapter
before the passage that we read last Sabbath
as we explored Abraham’s call to leave Ur of the
Chaldeans and begin his lifelong journey to follow

You may recall that we read about the ‘covenant
promise’ to Abraham and came to understand
how very serious God is about keeping His
promises. We learned that, while God often made
such promises to people, the ‘covenant promise’
that He made to Abraham was not the first one
that is recorded in Scripture as that
first one was with Noah.

I also mentioned last week that I find it fascinating
how the timeline of Noah’s life extended some
50 years after Abraham was born, and his son
Shem lived for several hundred years after the
flood. This flood event was sort of a global reset
as all the descendants of Adam and Eve who
were then living on the earth, except 8 people,
Noah and his family, were wiped out.

God has always had a plan for His people. Once
our first parents chose not to obey God, He has
been at work to bring us back into a right standing
with Himself. While generation after generation
has demonstrated the devastating effects of
our sinful condition, God’s plan provides security
and protection for all who choose to accept Him.
May we be greatly blessed as we are reminded
what it means to be “Shut In” like Noah.