As we have been in our current
series we are now at about the
half-way point of Paul’s letter to
the Christians in Rome. In these
chapters we see the apostle
unequivocally committed to the
Gospel of Jesus Christ and the
fact that it is through this Gospel
that the righteousness of God is
revealed. This righteousness is
available to all who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ
and accept Him by faith, both Jew and Gentile.

Paul seems especially concerned that we all come
to understand the assurance that we can have of
God’s gift of righteousness that is both ‘imputed’
and ‘imparted’ to us when we believe and then begin
to walk with Jesus in the ‘newness of life’. These two
terms are very important, however we must first understand
that they both represent the work that God
does, and is doing, in us.

‘Imputed’ righteousness is the righteousness of
Jesus that is credited to the Christian by faith when
we accept Him as our Savior and are justified, or
placed in a right standing with God. ‘Imparted’
righteousness is what God does in us by the power
of the Holy Spirit, after justification, as He works
through the process of sanctification.

It is both encouraging and inspiring to consider
that all of this is based on the loving commitment
that God has to satisfying the penalty of sin that
otherwise would keep us from experiencing the
relationship that He longs to have with us. Because
of the rebellion of our first parents we are
all impacted by the sinful nature that is everpresent
in our lives and keeps us separated from

As we come to the end of chapter 8 we are
seriously reminded, because of what Jesus has
done for us, that we are bound to Him by a bond
of love that is impenetrable. “For I am convinced”
Paul says, “that…nothing will be able to separate
us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus.”

It is this love that God has for each of us that draws
His heart to ours and binds us together through the
bonds of His grace and righteousness.

This week we will move into the second half of the
book of Romans. Robert Plant will lead us in a very
important study of God’s people as Paul tries to help
the Jews understand how they fit into God’s plan.
May God speak to us through His Word and
His messenger.

Pastor Phil