It has really been interesting to study of the conversations that Jesus had with several people during His time here on Earth. Whether the conversation was held in private or in the company of a crowd or audience, the words spoken by Jesus were insightful as they raised the possibility of hope, healing and even salvation to the one(s) He addressed. It is safe to say that, whoever Jesus was speaking to, His words were not only relevant in that moment but these folks never forgot what He said, and how they felt as they listened to Him. We will continue this week with other stories in which people came to Jesus in search of healing. Many were actually healed as Jesus traveled throughout Galilee and Judaea while others specifically came, or were brought, to Him. It is understood that in some villages through which He passed that there wasn’t even one person who was still sick after He was there. What an amazing miracle of Grace and a call to the people to understand and accept that He was indeed the Messiah. While many seemed to press Him to  perform signs and wonders’ others were inspired by faith to simply believe that He was their greatest hope. Jesus heart was full of compassion and He was touched by the challenges that people had suffered with which in some cases their struggle had been around for decades. It is interesting to consider that some people who had lived with their malady for years could still hold onto hope that someday, someone would be able to help them. In each of the situations where someone experienced healing, or even when someone was raised to life again, these people, blessed as they were by His gift of Grace, ultimately fell into the sleep of death. And while their requests, which were not unlike our requests today, seek healing from the illnesses that plague us, the ultimate plan of God calls for us to experience life and wholeness in an eternity lived in the company of God Himself. In that home that He has gone to prepare we will forever live, free from any challenge that would bring pain, or tears, or death. That is the bottom line of the Gospel and that is our Blessed Hope.

Pastor Phil Robertson