I’ve often thought of the title to the
book, “Acts of the Apostles” which
in most translations of the Bible is
the complete title to this special
book. While some translations
shorten the title to just “Acts” it is
very appropriate to designate that
the ministry Jesus had bestowed
upon the apostles was important.

As we move further into the story of the “acts” of
these men, it is interesting to note that, included in
this narrative, we do indeed find an accounting of
their many, and varied, actions, taken to fulfill their
understanding of what Jesus had commissioned
them to do. However, this book is also rich with
many, many actions that can only be attributed to

The apostles responded to the call of Jesus, they
represented the work and teaching of Jesus, yet,
unfortunately, we also find that they got involved in
some actions that were not consistent with the mission
they had been given. In spite of some personal
differences, God showed up in amazing ways to
continue to provide the Power needed to move His
fledgeling group of followers forward.

In our study this week we will consider one of the
most power-packed chapters in all of scripture.
The events recorded in this chapter are nothing
short of miraculous, as the fulfillment of what had
been promised by Jesus was bigger than anything
they had ever experienced. The text reminds us
that the full-display of the Promised Power of the
Holy Spirit fell on all of Jesus’ followers that were
together on the Day of Pentecost, all 120 of them.

As the Holy Spirit descended upon them there was
both sounds and sights to confirm the Spirit’s baptism.
In a moment, they had the ability to understand
and speak the language of every nationality
and every language group present, in a clear
presentation they shared the wonders of God with
all who were present. This message was available
to all simultaneously, providing confirmation of
God’s Presence to everyone present.

As this chapter unfolds we will see how the questions
and answers come together through a very
direct sermon from Peter. This apostle lays the responsibility
for the crucifixion of Jesus directly at
the feet of those who had just witnessed the violent
wind, the ‘tongues of fire’, and the testimonies
about Jesus in their very own specific languages. It
is an experience that will transform them into the
apostles who are willing to do the works of Him
Who sent them.

Praise God for the Power to walk and work according
to His call to each of us.