There are times in our lives when we
experience the Presence of Jesus in
really profound ways. At other times
we may wonder where He is and
what He is up to in our lives. There
are times when we are blessed to
experience Him privately and there
are times when we share moments
together with our fellow believers.

These are Sacred Moments because God is present,
when He seems so close that we feel we are standing
on Holy Ground. I love these moments!

I especially love those times when we may be facing
great challenges and, as we pray, we see a solution
being worked out in a ‘supernatural’ way. When God
shows up, His Presence and His Power are always
just what are needed most!

This week Kathie and I, along with some 6,000 fellow
pastors and leaders from across the North American
Division, have been blessed to experience a wonderful
sense of God’s Presence. As I write this we are in
Lexington, Kentucky at the Pastor’s Family
“CALLED” Convention which is held every five years
or so.

We have gathered for inspiring worship, for spiritual
renewal and for wonderful community with fellow
church workers. The various presentations that
were available through over 200 different seminar
choices were wonderful. We were blessed with the
opportunity to re-connect with old friends and also
get to know many new friends. What we have experienced
here will long linger in our hearts.

All of this is a current expression of the very special
and powerful community that grew out of the mission
of the early Christian Church. As the Holy Spirit empowered
the apostles to share the Good News of the
Gospel of Jesus with everyone, Jew and Gentile, that
same Spirit also drew them together into a powerful
sense of ‘unity’. We have felt that this week and I am
also grateful to experience it when I am with you.

God is still at work through men and women who
respond to His call to discipleship. That reality is
really seen best when it shows up in the work and
relationships in the local church. Jesus is the Head
of His Church, the Body of Christ, and we are called
to tell others what He has done for us.

Next Sabbath we will host a potential pastoral
candidate who will be our guest speaker. We will
have an all-church fellowship lunch and the Church
Board will have an opportunity to visit further with
this pastor. Please continue to keep our pastoral
selection process in your prayers.

Pastor Phil