While our current sermon series
focusing on the parables of Jesus
is not intended to address all of
the many stories that Jesus told,
we have considered quite a few
of them. We have been blessed
by the value that Jesus placed on
people as He draws back the curtain
to allow us to see into the life
situations of certain individuals.
In every story we understand that Jesus always
meant that the illustration would help convey a kingdom
principle or a spiritual truth that would serve to
clarify His teaching.

Well, you might say, this makes it sound like everyone
who shows up in a parable is a good person or is
following a ‘right’ course of action. Not at all! The
contrasts in the Stories of Jesus are stark and clear.
His purpose was always to confirm His lesson and
to teach with clarity and authority. His teaching often
followed along the lines of general Kingdom topics of
importance, and sometimes they were so clear that
an illustration was not required.

Last Sabbath we read through a passage of scripture
that I shared as sort of background information to the
first text in which Jesus employed ‘parabolic’ teaching.
It is a foundational passage and it reveals a lot
about the fruit that Jesus calls His disciples to allow
Him to produce in us. As we remember, Jesus
identified Himself as the True Vine and He said that
we are branches that are attached to the Vine. And it
is absolutely imperative that this connection exist,
otherwise we can’t even hope to bear ‘good’ fruit as
there is nothing good within any of us apart from the
‘flow of life’ from the Vine to us.

There was a little noticed, yet powerful relationship
between this fruit and how Jesus describes and
defines the characteristics of His disciples. And
during our sermon study this week we will dive a little
deeper into His disciple definition and these wonderful

We will also consider a sort of epilogue to the John 15
Vine, branches and fruit teaching. Here we will
discover a wonderful cycle of God’s provision for our
growth, for His fruit in us, and His call to each one of
us to be different, very different. Are you ready to be

Pastor Phil, Interim Pastor