Over the past several months we
have explored some very exciting
studies of the life and ministry of
Jesus. These conversations with
Jesus, and the stories that He told
during the years of His ministry,
represent a time when people met
God, and when God invited people
to personally follow Him forever.
On the fulcrum of human time, the
culmination of His mission to planet Earth ranks as
the center point of all history. His life was the most
anticipated event for 4,000 years or so before His
birth, and the reality of His birth, ministry, death and
resurrection represent the greatest story ever told.

Everything about Jesus coming to Earth is the
greatest definition of the best ‘good news’ ever!
His Earthly mission transformed our hopelessness
into a Living Hope, He is the One Who had been
promised, and He is the only One by Whom our
desperate condition can be temporary. Every book
in the Bible is a testimony of our need for God, and
also the reality that God can be trusted to faithfully
bring us through to His eternal ‘homecoming’.

As you already know, I am drawn to writings of the
apostle Paul. He is quite unique in his impact on
the Christian Church and all of us who are the
‘modern day’ followers of Jesus. His letters are
both informational and instructional and they
remain relevant in a continuing context. In his
descriptions of the situations and conditions that
he wrote about, it is interesting to realize that we
can identify those very same issues, conditions,
and challenges in our own community.

One of his letters that consistently draws great
attention is recorded for our benefit and blessing
as the Book of Romans. While this letter has been
debated by commentators for centuries, the fact
remains that the powerful message of this inspired
letter is very greatly needed by us today as we
continue to wait for the promised return of Jesus.

In our study this Sabbath we will explore the
purpose and theme of this book and venture into
an introduction of its unique importance for us
today. I have not yet decided whether this will be a
new sermon series, however; I am confident that
as we approach this study with open minds and the
Holy Spirit’s presence in our study that we will find
a wonderful understanding of the Gospel of Jesus

Pastor Phil, Interim Pastor