I am in Indiana, attending the NAD
Campus Ministry Convention today
and have invited Callie Lopez
to be the speaker. Callie is an
Amarillo Local. She and her
family; husband Mike & daughter
Chloe are very active in the
Amarillo church and very close
friends of Shanna and me. The
Lopez family are workers filled with zeal, compassion,
and determination to show Jesus to
everyone. Callie speaks regularly at the Amarillo
Seventh-day Adventist Church and I know she will
bless you all as well! Please welcome The Lopez
family and pray for the Lord to touch Callie’s lips as
He did to Moses, Jeremiah, and Isaiah!

“Location, Location, Location”… if you have ever
purchased a home, or any type of real estate, you
understand this saying. No matter the location of your
physical property, our coordinates of locality mean
nothing to the Holy Spirit and the plan that the Lord
has for us.

While I was an Engineer during the design and
construction process, coordinates matter, down to
the hundredths of an inch. I was assigned to the
Amarillo Airport when a Taxiway re-construction was
taking place, many times the contractor would try to
squeeze by with being out of the specification
tolerances. Early in the construction process, we
would allow slight deviations, however, towards the
end of the construction process the allowance of
deviations become less & less because as you get to
the final product you have less flexibility to fix your
mistakes. Many times, the contractor would come to
me and ask about allowing another deviation from the
spec, and I would share with them the phrase from
Numbers 32:23 that says “…be sure, your sins will
find you out.” As you come to the close of anything,
you have to be sure that all the efforts you have made
will lead you to the desired end result.

As you live each day and impact our community, are
you living your life embracing deviations in your
relationship with Jesus, or are you focusing on the
plans and guidelines that our Heavenly Father laid
out for the best design with an everlasting product?

I want to encourage you, stay focused on Jesus,
allow Him to adjust your path, ask Him to give you
vision to see the next step in the plans, and don’t get
caught up focusing only on your current location.
While Location does matter, the Holy Spirit is not
worried about the earthly value of your possibilities…
but your heavenly value!

Pastor Eric & Shanna