Another summer is quickly
passing into history and it has
been wonderful to be able to
experience the blessings of this
season of the year. Many of our
families have enjoyed refreshing
times away from the routine
matters of life and reconnected
with the ones whom God has
placed together in this very important setting.

I am grateful for the road trips, boat rides, camp
outs, hikes in the mountains and the many other
experiences that have been shared together
during these times away from the work and stress
of life. What a blessing it is to ‘come apart and rest
awhile’ as our minds and hearts are renewed,
retuned, and reminded of the importance of the
family unit.

And now we find ourselves already looking forward
to another season of work and school. As we have
for centuries, parents are making plans for enrolling
their children in school, teachers are readying
their classrooms for the coming year and students
are trying not to think about how fast the summer
break is coming to an end. In many ways, I believe
this process is more important than ever before.

While there are many options for school with
varying environments for study, the primary
concern is – what will our children learn this year
and who will be teaching them. I am so grateful
that this church family has committed to operating
a school with a Christ-centered curriculum, a safe
environment, and teachers who love what they do
and also love Who they are doing it for.

Our children are a sacred treasure and have been
given to us to teach about the things of God and
also to lead them into a life-long relationship with
their Creator and Redeemer. I can think of no
greater privilege or more important responsibility
than to provide the best opportunity for that
relationship to be fostered and to grow. I believe
that the greatest way for this to happen is for the
home, the church, and the school to present
consistent messaging to our children and that
happens best when they are enrolled in church

Unfortunately, many of our children do not
experience this blessing of Christian Education,
however I am praying that the children in this
church family will each one be a part of the student
body of Lubbock Junior Academy this year. The
stakes are too high for them to be anywhere else.

Pastor Phil, Interim Pastor