It is a very real joy to welcome
Pastor Samuel Garbi and his wife
Connie to the Lubbock Church
today. Pastor Garbi will share a
sermon study during our worship
service and then, this afternoon,
he and Connie will visit with the
Church Board to get better
acquainted. This meeting will
provide an opportunity for the Garbi’s and the
Church Board to explore the pastoral needs and
ministry opportunities of the Lubbock Church
and the possibility of Pastor Garbi becoming
our next pastor.

Pastor Sam was born to a family
in which his father was a lifelong
Pastor, first in France, and then
later serving for 20 years as the
President of the Seventh-day
Adventist Church in Israel.
Connie was born in Cuba and together
they are fluent in speaking
some 5 or 6 languages. They have 3 young
adult children who have likewise been blessed
to grow up in a Pastor’s family as they have
been very active in supporting summer camp
ministry and other youth activities.

From his early years, church life and worship
were a significant reality in Pastor Sam’s life.
His love for music, and it’s use in the context of
worship, has greatly contributed to the development
of his personal spiritual experience, and
his violin remains a very important part of his

One of the very interesting things about Pastor
Sam’s resume is that the very first sentence is
“I love Jesus.” What a wonderful way to begin to
share one’s perspective, beliefs, and understanding
of Who holds the most important place
in one’s own personal identity, mission and
ministry. The characteristics of his ministry
philosophy and approach are heavily weighted
in the Gospel of Jesus and His gifts of grace and

We look forward to getting to know the Garbi’s
during their visit to Lubbock and we invite all to
join in the fellowship lunch that will be provided
immediately following the worship service.
We also encourage each of our members to
continue to make our pastoral selection process
a matter of your frequent prayers.

Welcome to the Lubbock Church Pastor Sam
and Connie Garbi. May God bless you both, and
each of us, as we worship together today.

Warmly, Pastor Phil