In an ever changing world
of big data, uneasy social
climate, and never ending
sad stories it seems that
one thing keeps getting
faster and faster…WIFI!
WIFI has in the last 25
years expanded beyond
anything in our world and
only keeps getting faster, stronger, and more in
demand! Spend time with any young person and the
question will come up,

“What’s the WIFI password?”

Now take this question and insert a spiritual
connection…instead of WIFI, ask yourself:

What IF I?
What if I connected to God?
What if I connected to a positive influence?
What if I encouraged someone else…?
What IF I?

We often connect to the internet faster than we
connect to the Lord. I want to spend some time
exploring this idea except to place Jesus in the
center of our connection! Join in the journey with

Love and Regards,
Pastor Eric & Shanna Chavez