The stories that Jesus used to
illustrate a ‘kingdom principle’
or a ‘spiritual truth’ provide a
wonderful way to help us
understand the actual meaning
of His teaching. Through
the years of careful preparation
for His public ministry,Jesus learned at the knee of His
Mother, He read the scrolls of
the law and the prophets for Himself, and He was
given One-on-One tutoring by the Holy Spirit. This
provided both knowledge and wisdom in measures
beyond the greatest of scholars. We read
statements like, ‘never man spoke as He does’
and ‘He speaks as One Who has authority.’
He knew what He was talking about!

Jesus used what He had learned to address the
many ways that Israel, the chosen people of God,
had failed to follow the ways God had outlined for
them to live. One of the most interesting aspects of
His ministry is the way that Jesus directed much of
His energy and concern toward the religious
leaders. They were so often on the defensive
because they had no answers to His questions,
and they didn’t like His answers to theirs.

There are some other times when Jesus employed
the parabolic method of teaching that we haven’t
yet explored. And in these situations He identifies
several very important issues that are experienced
in the life of all who have been called to be
disciples. And just to clarify, Jesus has called all of
us to discipleship. “Follow Me” not only means
‘believe what I say’, it also means to ‘do what I do’.
We know that there will be some who will initially
make that claim of discipleship and then they selfidentify
to be with those who are not.

During our study this week we will dive into a
single, relatively short chapter in which we actually
see Jesus engaged once again with the Pharisees.
In this chapter we will encounter four specific
parables and, while they may not seem like they
are at home in the same scriptural setting, they
strike at the very heart of what it means to accept
the teaching of Jesus and to ‘be and do’, as He is,
and does.

This promises to be one of our most important
studies yet. May God lead us into an even clearer
understanding of what Jesus has to say to us
through these parables.

Pastor Phil, Interim Pastor