It is astounding to pause and
consider just how much knowledge
is being discovered every
day. Information, facts, theories,
ideas seem to explode into our
awareness at a stunning pace.
Within this information we will,
no doubt, find data that is
valuable, that may even have the
potential to benefit someone, or many. We will also
likely find that some of these ideas and concepts may
not be so very important.

There is even concern expressed by many that information
is coming into existence so fast that it is nearly
impossible to record it so that it is possible to keep
track of what has already been discovered. If this is true
then we may wonder how truly important it is that all
of this information even exists, that it actually has benefit.

We are reminded that there is something that needs to
be present for information to have value and that is
‘meaning’. Information without meaning is really not
very important at all.

There is a related concept found in scripture that helps
to put this all into perspective. Information by itself is
just data, however when it is combined with meaning
and confirmation then it can be very beneficial. Jesus
not only knew the importance of this higher valued information,
He demonstrated the value that information
has when meaning and application are added as well.
This week we will explore the power of a one-on-one

encounter between Jesus and another person. And, like
so many of us, it is amazing to consider the transformation
that takes place when meaning is added to one’s life.

May each of us be willing to learn all that will benefit us,
but even more importantly, may we be able to view it
through the lens of meaning and purpose.

Pastor Phil Robertson
Interim Pastor