The past two weeks have presented
some of the most difficult
days I have ever experienced.
Many of you have heard that my
son was stricken with COVID
while visiting some friends in the
Jackson, MS area a week or so
before Christmas. While we
never doubted that this could be
quite serious, we never anticipated
that he would become as sick as he did.
Without reviewing the full challenges of this reality
suffice it to say that his condition deteriorated
into a very serious place.

He was hospitalized for some 9 days, and as
those days dragged on with very little encouraging
news, we leaned heavily into the hope that
God would do something special to preserve him
through this horrible experience in answer to the
many prayers that were ascending on his behalf.
Kathie and I are so very grateful that many of
those prayers were being lifted to God by many of
you, our faithful Lubbock Church family.

There was a time when it seemed that every little
encouraging indicator we would hear about only
preceded reports of yet other concerns that
would overshadow this good news. The ‘rollercoaster
effect’ was in full function and our only
hope was to cry out to God to please heal our son
and to bring peace to our troubled hearts. In our
dark times I believe that our greatest need is to
hear a word from the Lord, a reminder that we are
not alone and that we can trust Him.

Our daughter’s favorite passage of scripture is
found in Jeremiah 29:11 which is a direct comment
from God, not only to ancient Israel, but to
us as well. No doubt many of us know this verse
by memory and I am grateful for the powerful
promise found in these words. They were precious
to us during those days of waiting on Him,
as the verse begins with two very important
words “I know”. I know, what a wonderful thing it
is to be reminded that God knows, He is not
guessing, but He knows that He has plans for us,
plans for a hope and a future.

The people of God needed such a word while so
many of them were languishing in Babylonian captivity.
God wasn’t satisfied to leave them in the
anguish of their challenge, He wanted to confirm
that their present condition was not permanent.
So it was that in those days, He spoke a ‘word of
Hope’ to them. I am grateful that He still does the

Pastor Phil