Last week I posed a question that
I hoped would lead us all to pon
der what it would be like to have
a conversation with Jesus. If you
were sitting across from Jesus
and you were looking at Him, and
He was looking at you, what you
want to talk about? Would you
ask Him a question from the list
of things that you have always
wondered about, or would choose to tell Him something
that you may never have told anyone else?

If we had such an amazing opportunity I wonder if it
would occur to any of us that it would really be a
wonderful thing to begin our conversation with an
expression of gratitude for His gift of eternal life.
Even though we may not be able to say for sure what
the topic or question may be in such a conversation,
one thing that we can know for certain, such an
encounter would have a profound impact on us.
Jesus has that affect on people!

Just as we did last week with the story of Nicodemus’s
visit with Jesus, over the next few weeks we are going
to listen in on several other very special conversations
that took place between Jesus and others who came
seeking hope and help. There will be comments in response
to a single individual and there will be other
times when the counsel and response from Jesus is
intended to a group.

The amazing thing about all of these conversation
is that we will find an underlying common thread
running through each encounter. No matter the issue,
regardless of the challenge and irrespective of the
concern experienced by each one engaging Jesus,
He always knows exactly what they need.
And since He is God, He was able to look into their
hearts and their history and He could ask, and respond,
in a way that brought an insight into their spiritual
needs as well as their perceived needs.

I am so grateful that Jesus is still meeting with people
and hearing their hearts, He is also still working for our
good in all our situations. May we be blessed as we
explore some additional conversations with Jesus.

Warmly, Pastor Phil Robertson
Interim Pastor