As we continue our series on the
conversations that Jesus had with
various people during His brief
earthly ministry, we are reminded
of the many ways that He demonstrated
His grace and love to
these folks. We have explored
two personal visits during which
Jesus had one-on-one conversations
with someone else. In each
of these stories we find profound truths relating to Who
Jesus is and also several specific insights into His ministry
that are meaningful to us today.

We have also dedicated two parts of our series to a
couple of disciples with whom Jesus had special relationships,
and for which there is a significant Biblical record.
These two ministry partners were very blessed to have
been among the first disciples chosen by Jesus and they
also were included in the inner circle of the disciple team.
Their individual personalities and backgrounds become a
feature of their relationship with Jesus.

There were 10 other disciples that we have not yet
focused on and each of them had their own relationships
with Jesus as well. They were not only impacted by His
transforming love, they were also involved in their own
calling to learn from Him and to engage with Him in His

This week we will consider the stories of several other
disciples who were not quite as well known, or for which
there is not as much scriptural detail as to their lives and
their relationship with Jesus. These are well-known
disciples who each participated in various experiences
along with the others, and we will explore how their
perspective and comments reflect their own spiritual
journeys. And in their stories, I believe that we will find
some of our own characteristics, challenges and concerns
represented in graphic detail.

As we study the stories of these disciples it is wonderful
to see how the Holy Spirit applies the lessons that they
learned to the current issues and opportunities that we
face today. May God speak to each of us through their
stories as He continues to call our hearts into a growing
relationship with Him today.

Pastor Phil Robertson