What an amazing time it has
been for all of us over the past
week and a half! Winter has been
rolled out over a huge portion
of our country in ways that have
brought whole infrastructure and
transportation systems to their
knees. For the first time anyone
can remember, every county in
the State of Texas was included in a Winter Storm
Warning and a State of Emergency, at the same time.
Temperatures have dipped to extreme lows, and have
remained there for days, temporarily interrupting nearly
every aspect of our regular routines.

The days and nights of extreme cold have threatened
the very viability of whole areas of our country and
many have suffered greatly, especially in an area
where this type of thing is not often seen. Frozen
water pipes, frigid indoor temperatures, electric
lines covered with ice and sagging to the ground
were common from community to community.

As we reflect on these past few days we are reminded
that the value of each person is very great! It has been
wonderful to hear the stories of how folks have
stepped in to help another person, or family, when
their very survival was at risk. When someone is
struggling, as members of the human family we
are called to help in whatever ways we can.
At times like this, it is thrilling to see people doing
whatever it takes to resolve the challenge,
to help someone in need.

Jesus message to us is clear, whenever we respond
to the needs of others we are actually serving Him.
His mission was consistent, He impacted the life and
experience of everyone He met for the better.
Whatever need their need, whether for healing,
hope, food, new life, or even forgiveness,
Jesus had the solution. And while we may
not possess the full capacity of solutions
that was available to Him, it is our privilege
and responsibility to give of ourselves,
and our means, to help and to bless others.

I am grateful for the ways that this church family steps
in, and steps up, to lovingly serve each other, and many
others as well, in the name of Jesus.

Pastor Phil Robertson,
Interim Pastor