As we have reviewed conversations
that various people had with Jesus,
it has been interesting to see how
the different ones responded to
Him, and what He had to say. The
disciples truly had the advantage of
time when it came to experiencing
the ministry that Jesus shared with
them and all who heard Him. Yet,
even they struggled with their
individual journeys to faith as they processed all they saw and
heard through their own sense of understanding and context.

Over the next several weeks we will turn our attention to
other people who’s stories reveal wonderful evidence of the
Savior’s heart of love. Some folks came to Him seeking help
with a particular challenge that they faced, others were
brought to Him for deliverance of their burdens and pain.
Still others were encountered in the course of His travels
from place to place and Jesus engaged them either directly or
indirectly in His comments.

Just as we have seen in the conversations that we have
already considered, when we unpack the Biblical record of
yet other times when Jesus talked with people, we will discover
that each person was impacted by the life-changing
power of His love. Meeting Jesus was a life-altering event.

So, whenever Jesus came into a direct relationship or
conversation with any person there was a common reality
that was experienced. There was a distinct difference
between their situation ‘before’ they met Jesus and their new
reality ‘after’ He stepped into their life. We also realize that
for some people, this ‘after’ response reflected an appreciation
for His love and blessing, while for others, theirs’s was a
reaction of judgment and rejection.

As we consider all the different experiences that are recorded
in scripture, it is amazing to realize that we can find our
own concerns represented in one or more of these stories.
And when we ‘listen’ to the words of Jesus in these stories
we see that He leaves the decision as to how to respond up
to the person to whom He is speaking. It is my prayer that
we will choose to respond to His counsel in ways that will
lead us closer to Him.

Warmly, Pastor Phil Robertson
Interim Pastor