As the Lubbock Church family
gathers to worship the Greatest
Gift that humankind has ever
been given, many people around
the globe are turning their
attention to the opening of gifts
and family gatherings. And while
we may also experience these
parts of the Christmas celebrations,
we are especially blessed
to be able to share a time of
‘celebrating’ of the blessing of the Sabbath.

Last week Mae Flores reminded us that it has been
eleven years since Christmas last fell on a Sabbath.
So, today we find it a very special privilege on this
Sabbath as we come into God’s Presence, to reflect
together on the One Who created this gift of Holy
time that we celebrate each week.

This year we have studied the words of the Apostle
Paul through several letters he wrote to the early
Christian churches. In this season of the year I am
reminded through these letters, that the celebration
that lives in the heart of a ‘believer’ is, first of all,
spiritual in nature.

Paul’s good news to us is his relentless focus on the
Power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He continues
to focus our attention, and our hope, on the blessed
reality that the Greatest Gift that humankind has
ever received is the promise, and the assurance, of
Salvation through Jesus. It is this ‘blessed hope’
that inspires our faith in His promise that soon and
very soon, His Second Advent will be a reality.

In the midst of our celebration and joy-filled events
may I remind us that there are members of our
church family who come into this season with a
different reality than they experienced last
Christmas. Some have laid loved ones to rest, others
have experienced difficult challenges to health, and
still others have had to navigate their way through
times of economic upheaval that have effected their
homes or livelihood of families.

It is my prayer that each of us will be sensitized to
the powerful importance of ‘community and fellowship’
that is experienced when we assemble to
worship, to study, to serve, and to love. And as we
are, may our hearts be drawn to the many challenges
and needs that remind us of our increasing desire
and prayer for Jesus to come again very soon, when
we will be re-united with our loved ones, experience
healing and be saved eternally.

May we be greatly blessed as we worship the One
Who is the “Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God,
the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.”

Pastor Phil