As we move into the Christmas
season we can’t help but notice
that the messaging of our media,
and even the comments from
some of our associates, seems to
be growing ever more secular
and commercial. Even though
this season has long held a deeply
spiritual focus that calls our
attention, and our worship, to the
One Who is from everlasting, all
around us we witness a very different reality.

Sometimes the disappointment in the selfish ways
that so many have chosen to focus on their own
wish-list of things they want, can seem almost
impossible for us to imagine. Human selfishness
has become a religion for many and any thought of
God, or even of anyone other than themselves, is
fleeting at best.

Yet in this season we are called to a deeper focus,
to attempt to accept, even without an understanding,
that the greatest confirmation of Love that we
could ever receive actually moved into our earthly
experience. He came to walk with us, live with us,
demonstrate His love for us and then die for us.

For me, this season fills my thoughts with the overwhelming
Promise and Presence of the Christ-Child
— our Creator-God, our Sacrificial Lamb, our risen
Savior and our King of Kings. Every aspect of Who
He is, is wrapped up in the fullness of His eternal
love for each of us, how incredible it is to consider
the magnitude of His Heavenly mission to Earth.
And it began in context of the darkness of human
hopelessness with the bright light of the Son of

And while this event took many by surprise, the
prophecies that projected this magnificent earthly
arrival of the Messiah had unfolded over a period of
many years. The Spirit of God led those who were
earnestly searching for answers to an understanding
of where, and when, these things were coming
to pass. That same Spirit is still leading those earnestly
seek Him today.

Our worship service this week features a very special
presentation by the students of our Lubbock
Junior Academy in their annual Christmas program.
While we will recognize the familiar details of
the ‘Greatest Story Ever Told’, we will witness them
in a very interesting and contemporary context.

Their program is actually a dramatic presentation
that has been written by two of our students and,
as we experience their presentation, I encourage
you to listen for the contrast between this story and
the selfishness that is all around us.

Warmly, Pastor Phil