As we move further into the book
of Acts we discover the stories
and the descriptions of the
apostles’ ministry read very much
like what we might imagine as the
script of a documentary. Their
mission is clear, yet it was not fully
defined, it is challenging yet incredibly
rewarding. When Jesus
left this group of believers looking up into the
clouds of Heaven, those who remained understood
that their lives were going to change. They
had witnessed too much to go back to the fishing
boats and tax collector’s booth.

And with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that
came upon them on Pentecost, they couldn’t help
but gain assurance that, what Jesus said He was
going to do for them, was real. He told them WHAT
He wanted them to do, but He didn’t provide much
detail as to HOW they would accomplish His
mission. The Presence of the Holy Spirit power
guided and inspired these survivors to embrace
the privilege of not only being ‘disciples’, but to
also realize that they had been called to be

The healings that are recorded greatly troubled
the religious leaders as they fully believed that, if
they killed Jesus, then the miracles would no longer
occur. And when they saw that the miracles
continued through the witness of those who said
that they were done in the name of Jesus, whom
these leaders had killed, they were beside themselves
with anger and fear. It seems rather incredible
that the leaders thought they could punish,
even torture these men and women severely
enough that they would abandon their call to carry
on the mission of Jesus.

In our earlier studies we have considered the first
four chapters of the book of Acts, and as we have
seen, the apostles made it their primary task to
stay together and to be engaged in much prayer.
As the Spirit lead them to various miracle experiences,
the apostles leaned into these situations
with a strong belief that this same power that had
been seen in the works of Jesus was now working
through them. They prayed for boldness to be
faithful witnesses and to withstand the attacks
and challenges from the religious leaders.

This week we will explore their ministry activities
in Acts 5 and, once again we will be challenged to
understand that while God called them to a special
work, He has also called each of us as well. I
pray that we will accept that call and step into the
mission He has for us today.

Pastor Phil