For several weeks now we have
been considering how we can best
experience and celebrate the
Communion Service in a way that
safely provides the blessings of this
special service. Many of you have
mentioned that you have missed
these times together as it has been
more than a year since we last
served each other and shared the
Lord’s Supper together.

To be able to experience this service in our current context
we are mindful that some of our customary practices will
need to be adjusted temporarily to ensure the safety and
well-being of those who participate. After carefully considering
these concerns, the Church Board has approved a
plan for us to share in this special service together next
Sabbath, May 1.

There are two parts of the actual Communion Service as
practiced by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Allow me
to share some counsel for each part:

First of all, we should remember that this service is
completely voluntary and is not required for participation in
the Lord’s Supper. We invite anyone who may wish to
remain in the Sanctuary in an attitude of quiet worship during
the foot-washing to do so. It would be inappropriate for
anyone to assume, or assign, any reason for another
person’s decision to participate, or not to participate.

Our plan provides for these options: a) caring for the footwashing
at home prior to the service and then choosing to
remain in the Sanctuary during this time or, b) choosing to
participate in this service at church along with others,
either in pairs, or with family members. All who choose this
option are requested to wear masks, wash their hands and
practice social distancing out of respect for all other participants.

The Lord’s Supper
Measures have been put in place to reduce the potential
that someone would touch the emblems other than the
person who will ultimately receive them. Our deaconesses
will be wearing both gloves and masks as they package
the bread in single-serving plastic bags and as they fill the
cups and place them in the trays. They will allow a generous
amount of space around each cup so that they may be
easily accessed without touching others.

I am confident that we will be able to experience a wonderful
time together as we share in this service in which Jesus
says that we are to proclaim the Lord’s death till He
comes. May we join in praying that that day will be very
soon indeed.

Pastor Phil, Interim Pastor