There’s a story of a young boy who
went to the park with his older
brother one day. As the boy began
to explore the wonderful playground
features, he found himself
fairly running from one thing to the
next. After a while the boy began
to wonder where his brother was,
he didn’t remember seeing him since they arrived
at the park. He began to walk this way, and then
that way, looking for his brother. Not finding him
in the park he headed out the gate to continue his

He walked along one street after another and he
looked carefully in every direction, but nothing,
and no one, looked familiar. He stood there
wondering which street, and which direction
would take him in the direction of home. Everywhere
he looked he saw buildings with shops and
stores and cafes that he had never seen before.
After thinking about it for a while he settled on one
particular street that he thought might be the right

He walked for what seemed a long time, periodically
stopping at a shop and asking for directions
and a drink. But as he tried to tell people where he
lived, he realized that he had no idea how he was
ever going to get home. Someone called the
police to see if they could help.

The officer had lots of questions but the boy didn’t
have many answers. He tried to tell the officer
about his house, what it looked like, what types of
buildings were around it. But everything he came
up with left the officer scratching his head. Then
the boy thought of something…looking at the
officer he said that not too far from his house was
a beautiful big church that had a tall steeple and
at the very top sat a cross.

He asked the officer if he knew where that church
was. The officer thought for a minute then said
that he did recognize that description. The officer
said he would drive the boy in that direction. As
they were getting into the car, the boy said something
quite profound, “if you can just take me to
the cross, I can find my way home from there”.

That cross is center-stage in the hearts of Christians
everywhere this weekend. For on that cross
Jesus purchased our pardon and, because He
did, salvation is available to all who will believe.
And because of that cross we can all find our way

Pastor Phil