Throughout the gospel record it
is interesting to see that Jesus
often used illustrations and principles
from farmers. Whether they
were growing crops of plants,
trees, flowers or food, or they
were raising flocks or herds of
livestock, their lives were filled
with meaningful metaphors of the
‘Kingdom of Heaven’ principles.

As the Creator of everything, Jesus well-knew the
‘cycle of life’ and how it impacts all living things. A
seed is needed to grow a crop in the plant species
and a seed is needed to bring reproductive life to the
animal species as well. And the way that this life is
sustained from day to day, from its earliest times to
the full realization of the outcome of that growth is
nothing short of a six-thousand year long miracle.
Every growing moment is informed by the same
Creative Power that was present when God ‘Spoke,
and it was done’.

Jesus even infers this to be so when He talks about
the growing seed. Even though the farmer does his
part and gets the seed into the ground, he doesn’t
know how it grows. “All by itself the soil produces
grain – first the stalk, then the head, then the full
kernel in the head.” (Mark 4:28) Did you catch that?
Jesus says that “All by itself” the plant and animal
species transform through all the stages of growth
until they are mature products of God’s creative
power. We know that growth isn’t an accident, it
only happens because of a loving and powerful God
Who puts His creative power into each seed and
blesses even a stalk of grain.

Jesus was very familiar with this principle of growth
through the natural world, He also understood that
those same principles apply to the human family as
well. This week we will explore the parable of the
vineyard and also the teaching of the vine and the
fruit. This teaching really is all about the relationship
that Jesus wants to have with each of us. In these
stories we will see once again the wonderful plan that
God has for all of us to live well, both now and when
He comes to take us to Heaven.

May that day come soon, but until then may each of
us continue to grow in Him everyday!

Pastor Phil, Interim Pastor