(Written by Lubbock Church
Adventurer Club Leader, Amy Hovorka)

The Adventurer program was created to
assist parents in their important responsebilities
as a child’s primary teacher and
evangelizers. The program aims to
strengthen the parent/child relationship and
further the child’s development in spiritual, physical, mental, and
social areas. In this way, the church can work together with the
parent to develop a mature, happy child.

In order to help children learn more about the Bible, health, and
nature, and to help them develop their people skills, the General
Conference, in 1939, endorsed the idea of the Adventurer classes of
Busy Bee, Sunbeam, Builder, and Helping Hand. In the intervening
years, these classes were primarily taught as part of the Adventist
School system curricula, often as part of spiritual activities/worships.

Over the years the program has expanded and changed, with the
current curriculum designed as a method for sharing and discovery in
preparation for life here and in heaven. The current program of the
Adventurer Club Ministry includes the classes of Little Lambs and
Eager Beavers for Pre-K children has been in place since 1992, and
continues to grow in the North American Division with many
churches supporting this important ministry for families with PreK
through Grade 4 children.

This year we had seven Adventurers, in these classes:
Busy Bee – Kate Conley;
Sunbeam – Abby Rendon
Helping Hand – McKenzie Alava, Kerubo Kemboi,
Moraa Kemboi, Elias Rendon and Jader Silva.

We started the year with Registration on August 6 and the first
meeting on August 20. We held a joint Induction Ceremony with the
Pathfinders on September 10th after potluck. We have met two or
three times per month on both Sabbath and Sunday afternoons
during which time our Adventurers have worked diligently on their
Adventurer Awards. These have been in a variety of interest areas,
giving each child a well-rounded understanding of many topics.

In addition to the regularly scheduled meetings, Texico Conference
hosts several events that our Adventurers are able to attend with
their families. This year the event some of our members attended
was the Texico Pathfinder Camporee last October held at Elephant
Butte Lake State Park in Truth or Consequences, NM. Next Fall the
Conference is hosting a special Adventurer Family Camp the
weekend of September 29 to October 1, and in the Spring there will
be an Adventurer Fun Day.

Today is Adventurer Investiture. In addition to participating in todays
Worship Service the participants will receive the Awards they have
earned, an average of 30 Awards each. They also move up to the next
level as they continue to grow and learn. Those who have completed
the Helping Hands requirements will be inducted into Pathfinders at
the beginning of next school year.

In order to fund the Adventurer program, we asked the parents to
cover the cost of the uniform and dues. We just completed a fundraiser
for Mother’s Day and are planning a fundraiser for Father’s Day
as well. We have also asked for donations via an announcement in the
bulletin to help fund our program. There have been more costs with
getting the program started than originally anticipated, and any help
would be greatly appreciated.

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