Hello, church family!

We are so glad to be here this Sabbath with all of you. For
those of you who do not know, this church has a Young Adult
Ministries group, many of whom attend Texas Tech University.
Today is the annual “Hub City Summit” which is a celebration of
campus ministries and the coming together of young people in
the faith to praise God, hear from His word, pray for the Holy
Spirit, and serve each other, and our community.

We want to thank this church for supporting us with a place to
study the Word together, and for providing the means by which
we can draw closer to each other and to God. This is a “home
church away from home church” for many of us, and you are all
appreciated. Joining us today are other college students in
similar situations from El Paso, TX, Tulsa, OK, Austin, TX, San
Antonio, TX, and more!

Our theme this weekend is “Toward this Place” which calls us
to pray for God’s presence to be with us wherever we go.
Today’s message focuses on the Peace which coming to God
truly brings. I hope you are all blessed!

Luke Hamel, Speaker

~ ~ ~

Greetings, beloved Church family!

On this glorious Sabbath day, we are truly
grateful to have each and every one of you
here with us. Your presence brings warmth
and joy to our congregation, and we are
blessed to worship and fellowship together
in the house of the Lord.

Today, we are honored to have the
Adventist Christian Fellowship (ACF) group
and the YAMs leading our service as we come together during
the Annual HUB CITY SUMMIT weekend. This special
occasion has brought students from various universities in our
Union to join us in worship and to deepen their understanding
of sharing the Word of God on their respective campuses. It is
inspiring to witness the dedication and zeal that these young
individuals possess as they strive to spread the Adventist
message among their peers. Let us uplift them in prayer and
extend our support in any way possible, for they are the future
ambassadors of Christ in their academic communities.

Looking ahead, we have some exciting events lined up in the
coming weeks that I am thrilled to share with you. Renowned
violinist Jaime Jorge will grace us with his musical talents on
May 1st, offering a concert that will surely uplift our spirits and
glorify the name of our Lord. Then, on Sabbath, May 4th, we
will be honored to welcome Pastor Antonio Cano, the
ministerial director of our conference, to deliver a powerful
message rooted in the Word of God. These upcoming events
present wonderful opportunities for us to come together in
worship, praise, and fellowship as we continue to grow in our
faith and deepen our connection with God.

As we bask in the presence of the Almighty on this beautiful
Sabbath day, let us rejoice in the knowledge that His spirit
dwells among us, guiding and strengthening us in our journey
of faith. May we embrace this day with open hearts and minds,
ready to receive the blessings and teachings that the Lord has
in store for us. Thank you for being a vital part of our church
community, and may the love of God continue to shine brightly
in your lives. Wishing you a blessed Sabbath filled with peace,
joy, and spiritual renewal.

With love and blessings,
Pastor Raul Alvarez