Over the past several weeks we have been reminded that the Letters of Paul provide powerful counsel on multiple themes that were not only important to the early church, but that remain very relevant for us today. We see his
powerful comments about the love of God, we hear him trumpeting in very clear tones about the gift, and assurance, of
our salvation through Jesus Christ, and we are challenged to live for Him, and with each other, in ways that reflect the grace that He continually pours into our lives.

While Paul leads his readers through passages of worship and prayer, theology and doctrine, we also find him focusing our attention on very practical matters that should define how we live. Not only is it important to understand, and accept, the gift of grace that the Gospel of Jesus offers to everyone who believes, it is likewise of profound importance
that we experience the transformation that is the outcome of His work in our lives.

The church, as the body of believers, is actually the laboratory in which the transforming work of Jesus is experienced. It is important to remember that every believer is given gifts by the Holy Spirit that are intended to be a blessing to our fellow members. These gifts are based upon the love of Jesus and assist in the healthy growth of the church when appropriately deployed. The result of the spiritual growth that we will consider this week is called ‘maturity’ which is a process that will continue until Jesus comes again. May each of us be actively engaged in this wonderful process of growing in Jesus.

Pastor Phil