Today, we are immensely blessed to
welcome the Clovis NM Seventh-day
Adventist Church choir to minister to us
through their beautiful voices. Their
presence among us serves as a reminder
of the unifying power of music in worship
and the joy it brings to our hearts as we
lift our voices in praise to our Heavenly

In addition to the choir, we are privileged to have their
pastor accompanying them to minister to us through the
preaching of the Word of God. Let us open our hearts and
minds to receive the message that God has prepared for us
through their ministry, allowing His truth to penetrate our
souls and transform our lives.

I also want to take this opportunity to express our
heartfelt appreciation to all those who have generously
contributed to our church pantry by bringing food
donations. Your kindness and compassion toward those in
need reflect the love of Christ in action, and we are
grateful for your willingness to serve as vessels of His grace
and provision. However, I humbly ask if you could consider
making this act of kindness a consistent practice by bringing
food donations weekly. By doing so, we can ensure that
our pantry remains stocked to minister to our brothers
and sisters in need on an ongoing basis.

Furthermore, I want to extend my deepest gratitude to all
of you who have faithfully returned your tithes to support
the work of God’s kingdom. Your obedience in returning
to Him a portion of His blessings enables us to fulfill our
financial obligations and sustain the ministry of our
Conference. However, I urge you to also prayerfully
consider being generous with your offerings, as these funds
are vital for covering the various expenses associated with
maintaining our church building, including bills, utilities, and
ongoing renovations.

As the shepherd of this beautiful congregation entrusted to
me by God, I am excited to share with you some ambitious
plans for our church’s future. These include local church
evangelism, renovations, paying off the roof loan, and
numerous other initiatives aimed at advancing God’s
kingdom in our community and beyond. But none of these
endeavors can come to fruition without the blessings of
God and your continued generosity through your offerings.

Let us remain steadfast in our commitment to support the
work of God’s kingdom with both our financial resources
and our time and talents. Together, with God’s guidance
and provision, we can accomplish great things for His glory
and the expansion of His kingdom here on earth.

Yours in Christ’s service,
Pastor Raul Alvarez