Our study in Ephesians has been a wonderful inspiration and vivid reminder of what the apostle shares for the benefit of God’s people, His Church. We have reviewed the contrast of what we were like before we were impacted by the power of the Gospel, and we have renewed our understanding of, and gratitude for, what Paul’s words ‘you have been saved’ really mean. This counsel to the folks at Ephesus was very relevant when this letter was written and when it was read. It’s themes remain very relevant for us as well.

It is a blessing to realize anew that Paul was inspired to describe the relationships that each of us, as individuals, now enjoy because of the love of Christ Who gave Himself for us. Accepting His gift of salvation transforms our relationship with Jesus from being ‘lost’ to being ‘saved’. It also changes our status from being ‘foreigners and strangers’ to becoming ‘citizens’ of God’s ‘family’ of believers, ‘one new humanity’.

Over the next several weeks we will see that there are yet several very important themes in the book of Ephesians remaining for us to unpack, along with a couple more of Paul’s metaphors for ‘the church’ for us to explore. And today, Jeff Metherell, our guest speaker, will focus our attention on what Paul has to say about the battle between good and evil along with the ‘power’ that is deployed by both. This is really the foundational conflict that has been going on since before the creation of this world.

Even though I am away this Sabbath, I am praying that God will speak a message of grace and hope and peace to each heart as we continue to ‘be’ and ‘do’ church together in these challenging times. May God bless you all.

Pastor Phil