Dear Church Family:
Last week, in addition to Children Story
time at worship, we had Children Church,
one of the quality Children and Youth
programs we have here at Lubbock
Seventh-day Adventist church. Our
Children and Youth Ministries programs
include Lubbock Junior Academy,
Sabbath School Divisions, Adventurers, Pathfinders and
Young Adult Ministries. We’ll cover each ministry in the
Pastor’s Page. However, this week, we are hosting the
Texico Conference Area Level meeting of the Pathfinder
Bible Experience (PBE), so, I would like to make you
more aware of our Pathfinder Ministry.

Pathfinder Clubs are a worldwide organization of young
people, in the 5th through 12th grade, sponsored by the
Seventh-day Adventist church. You can find more on their
website at Pathfinders learn camping /
survival skills, develop leadership, are involved in
community outreach activities, and they study a variety of
recreational, artistic, nature, conservation, vocational, and
outreach areas, for which they receive awards (honors)
for successful completion of the interactive training
modules. Our Lubbock Knights Pathfinder Club and the
Pathfinder Clubs of Amarillo, Odessa, Pampa and San
Angelo are members of the Texico Conference West
Texas Area Level Pathfinder Organization.

The Lubbock Knights Pathfinder Club has 12 regularly
attending members (2 Friends, 2 Companions, 4
Explorers, and 6 at the Voyager/Guide Level). It is led by:
Bim Paez, Smiley Verastegui, Jun and Keith Marpa, Hans
Burda and Ubani Ikonne. They are going camping March
10-12, planning to attend the Conference Pathfinder Fair
in May, and the upcoming August 5-11, 2024 “Believe the
Promise” International Camporee in Gillette, WY. To fund
these events, they conduct fundraisers – the current being
“Chocolate Covered Strawberries,” and they are planning
a garage sale in the Spring.

All Pathfinder Clubs present today are here for the West
Texas Level PBE meeting. To prepare for this experience,
members learn everything about a book of the Bible,
sometimes whole chapters by memory (!) and relevant
corresponding Bible commentary material. Last year, the
Bible books were Ruth and 1 Kings – (Lubbock Knights
went all the way up to Union Level); this year the book of
the Bible is the gospel of ‘John’. Our 2023 Lubbock
Knights team includes the following seven members: Almi
Flores, Donna Martel (Substitute /Alternate), Ethan Burda,
Isaiah Hovorka, Jamie Martel (Team Captain), Julia Paez,
and Justin Eustace. You are welcome to attend the PBE
meeting at 2:00 PM (after Potluck today). The Conference
Level PBE will be held here in Lubbock on March 4, the
Union Level will be in Keene, TX, and the NAD Level will
be in Tampa, FL later this Spring.

Our Lubbock Knights Pathfinder Club hold regular weekly
meetings on Sundays 2 to 4 PM, which will resume when
the PBE practice sessions are over.