As you listen to the sermon today,
please reflect on being there for
one another and offering support
in times of need. This is an
essential aspect of fostering
strong and healthy relationships.
The story of Joshua and Hur
supporting Moses during the battle
against the Amalekites reminds us of the
importance of unity. It teaches us that when we
unite and lend a helping hand, we can achieve
remarkable feats together. By showing compassion,
empathy, and support, we build a sense of
togetherness that uplifts us and strengthens our

Moreover; the concept of keeping our hands up in
times of trouble, just like Moses did, is equally
significant. Life can present us with challenges and
setbacks, but maintaining a positive mindset and
persevering through adversity can make all the
difference. Just as Moses continued to hold his
hands up, despite being tired, we too can choose to
face difficulties with resilience and determination.
By refusing to let the problems of this world
overpower us, we open ourselves up to finding the
purpose and the lesson that God wants us to learn
from those experiences.

In the face of uncertainty, it is crucial to remember
not only the power of God, but also the power of
community, and the importance of leaning on one
another for support. Together, we can weather any
storm and overcome seemingly insurmountable
obstacles. By keeping our hands up and staying
positive, we not only inspire ourselves but also
those around us. It is through unity, support, and
the help of the Holy Spirit that we can navigate the
challenges of life with grace and emerge stronger
than ever before. Let us always remember that
Jesus is on our side.

Pastor Raul