Today it is our great privilege to host Pastor Raul Alvarez and his
wife Giovanna. They are a wonderful pastoral team and their
current church congregations are greatly blessed by their

Pastor Raul Alvarez was born in Cuba into a Seventh-day
Adventist pastor’s family. He lived there until his late teen years
when he, and his family, had a miraculous delivery from a
challenging regime and his dad was called to pastor a church in
the United States. Pastor Raul writes about this story in his book
“Third Generation Are We Reckless” in which he explores the
faith of the previous generations of Adventist workers in Cuba
and the commitment of the younger generation to move into a
new life in America.

During his undergraduate education, Pastor Raul received two
degrees, a Bachelor of Arts in Theology and a Bachelor of Science
in Business Administration from Southwestern Adventist
University. During his senior year, he was the President of the
Student Association and very involved with spiritual programming
on campus, often sharing his piano skills in vesper services.

The story of this pastor’s life took an incredibly wonderful turn
when he met Giovanna Lizarzaburo, a young nursing student
whose family were members of the church in Northern California
where his dad was then pastoring. It was sort of as they say, “love
at first sight” however, their love had to grow and pass the test of
time. it was important to both of them that their relationship had
the blessing of their parents and they were married near Fort
Worth, Texas just about a year ago.

We are praying for God’s continued guidance as they consider
the possibility of joining the Lubbock Church Family as Pastor.
Please show them some of the amazing hospitality for which this
church is so well known.

Pastor Phil Robertson,
Texico Conference Secretary-Treasurer
Elder Lee-Roy Chacon
Texico Conference President