Over the past five months or so,
millions of Americans have seen
their routines dramatically modified
as Coronavirus concerns led many
employers to arrange for their
workers to do as much of their normal
jobs as possible from home.
Students also have seen similar
changes to their daily routines and
the places where they were accustomed to study have
been replaced with online instruction.

This is not the first time that the people of the day have
experienced dramatic changes to their normal routines.
The Bible describes the apostle Paul as someone who
clearly understood that he had been called to a special
work and yet he followed his calling into whatever
changes he encountered.

Whether the circumstances were easy or difficult,
nothing could derail his mission to take the Gospel of
Jesus Christ to the Gentiles. And while he may have
preferred to present his teachings to groups of people
in person, more than half the books of the New
Testament that are attributed to him are actually
‘teaching letters’ written from the confines of a prison cell.

We might even say that Paul was one of the original
people to work remotely. Over the next several weeks
we will explore some amazing concepts of his ‘Letters
to the Church’ that are as relevant to us today as
when he wrote them to various contemporary
congregations years ago. These books are indeed
inspirational, instructive and important to all of us and
I look forward to our journey together.

Pastor Phil