Last week we briefly reviewed
a group of people who were
actually identified by God as
‘Heroes of Faith’. These were
people who heard God’s call on
their lives ‘to do’ something specific
for Him or ‘to go’ somewhere that
He would lead them to go.
Even more, these folks not only
heard God’s directions they responded by going and
doing according to His call.

This is really quite a short list as recorded in Hebrews
15, however the number of people who have applied
God’s call and guidance through the years would comprise
multitudes. I would even suggest that this list includes
most, if not all, of us who are part of this wonderful
‘family of God’ here in Lubbock, Texas. Faith is
foundational to everything we know, feel, believe and
experience in the context of our relationship to, and
with, God. Faith is also our response to all we understand
about God and His faithfulness for today as well
as for eternity.

This week we will explore a bit of what Jesus has to say
about one of the most frequently experienced challenges
to faith. It really strikes at the heart of our human
tendency to place our own need for self-determination
ahead of what God describes as our greatest life. When
we choose to accept His guidance, and fully apply His
prescription, we will experience His blessings in ways
that we never even imagined possible.

Since we know that He is our Creator and that He has
been faithful to so many who have gone before us, we
can also trust that He will be our Provider, Protector,
Healer and Savior. And when we do, our ‘best life’ will
clearly be our ‘blessed life’.
Pastor Phil