Pastor Phil Robertson

As we have made our way
through the study of Paul’s
letter to the Colossians we
have been reminded of
several very important
realities in the life of the
follower of Jesus.

The gospel of Jesus is more than
just words, it is alive, and filled with
the power to bring transformation,
a new life to all who believe!

The parallels that are presented by the apostle clearly
describe the ‘before’ and ‘after’ experience of those
who are being transformed, clothed in garments
of grace and love.

Paul tells us that we were once dead in our sins but,
through Jesus, we have been raised to a new life in
Him, with a completely new focus on
what is now important. He says that as a
new creature we are to set our hearts,
to fix our eyes, and to direct our thoughts,
on things ‘above’, not on earthly
challenges and circumstances.

As we wrap-up our study of this letter we
will deal with Paul’s parting counsel and sincere
request for the believers at Colossae.
We may actually be a bit surprised to see
how Paul concludes this pastoral letter.
Colossians not only shares a connection
with his letter to the Ephesians, but we will
also explore a wonderful story that takes
us to yet another one of his letters.
Just to share a little clue, this story will
illustrate the ‘after’ that is the result
of the transforming power of the gospel
in the life of the believer.

Pastor Phil