The boxes are packed. Toothbrushes and toothpaste are tucked into a corner of each green and red box. Each box has a bag of hard candy waiting to make a needy child’s hands sticky and tongue feel sweet. There are pencils and crayons awaiting budding artists.

Lubbock Junior Academy students packed 34 boxes for Operation Christmas Child. Last year, we packed 24 boxes. Thank you to each of you who helped furnish the contents.

The special boxes are on their way to help some of God’s precious children have a fun day. Each box is also packed with the prayers of thousands of people who want every child in the world to know Jesus.

Each student packed at least two boxes. It was rewarding to watch our own kids do something for someone they don’t know. Every box has a picture of LJA students and our address. We have never received a letter from any child, but maybe we will this year.

It doesn’t matter if we receive a letter or not, because we know we have served the children of Jesus. That’s what really matters. We are learning to give to others. In this way, LJA students are growing in the image of Jesus. Now that’s a real gift!

Susan Zimmermann