Dear Church Family,
I trust this letter will find you blessed and in health. We have a wonderful and exciting couple of months ahead. I want to encourage everyone to prayerfully remember our upcoming Prophecy Seminar with Richard Halversen.

The following illustration came to mind when I was thinking about our privilege of inviting friends and neighbors to share in the wonderful truths of the Bible.

Back when Henry Ford was in the peak of his prominence, he purchased a large insurance policy. Because the policy was so large and Ford so famous, the newspaper considered it news worthy and proclaimed it to the public. The story was read by one of Henry Ford’s friends who happened to be in the insurance business. The friend went to Ford to confront him to see if the story was true. When Ford assured him that it was, the friend asked why the policy was not purchased from him, since he was a personal friend and had been in the insurance business for years. Ford’s simple reply was, “You never asked me.”

How many of our friends might have the right to say to us, “You never asked me,” in regards to our sharing Christ? Our seminar, starting October 24, is a great opportunity to ask.

Introducing Pastor Taylor and Ariel Hinkle
I would like to take a moment to talk about the newest addition to our ministry team. We are blessed to have Pastor Taylor Hinkle and his wife Ariel with us. While Taylor is finishing his studies at Southwestern Adventist University, the Texico Conference has given him a call to be our Associate Pastor, to minister here in Lubbock three weekends a month. Many of you have met them already, but I would like to give a little more introduction. Taylor has worked in campus ministries at Michigan State, and his primary focus will be the establishment of a campus ministry program here at Texas Tech University. He is not only here for campus ministry but to be a spiritual leader in our church as well. Taylor has shared prophecy and messages of Christ in seven countries. His ministry has grown out of his own search for Truth while struggling with skepticism and doubt. I believe his work here will be a help to all who are also seeking to deepen their Christian experience. Please pray for Taylor and Ariel as they begin this season of ministry with us.

Upcoming events
Sabbath morning, October 4, we will continue our study of Elijah. After receiving his double portion Elijah immediately received a call from a village whose water supply was corrupted and whose land was barren. He answered the call with a peculiar request; a clean bowl of salt. Yet, at the end of the story the water is clean and the land fruitful. What’s so special about “Salt?” As in each story of the Bible, there are precious treasures to help us in our own walk. This short story is found in II Kings 2:19-21. I really look forward to going through this study together.

Pastor Taylor Hinkle will be speaking to us for the first time Sabbath, October 11. He will be sharing the message “Therefore,” and his key passage will be Matthew 7:7-12. I like it when the word therefore is used in the Bible because it always reminds me to stop and see what it’s there for. I’m confident you will be blessed and inspired by this study. Don’t miss out!

On Sabbath, October 18, I will share a message I call “The Leper’s Touch.” I know in our sanitized culture of today we have lost the understanding of what it means to be a leper or to be near a leper. This horrid disease appears in the Bible in several of the most Gospel-filled stories. It is used as a symbol of just how awful sin is and how great God’s mercy is. Through this study I hope we can all have a clearer image of both, but especially a clearer understanding of God’s Character. I can hardly wait! Hope to see you there.

Our Apocalypse of HOPE Evangelistic series begins Friday, October 24. Please do not forget your Operation Andrew Prayer Cards. If you don’t have a card, pick one up this Sabbath. It is not too late to start. Pray for those friends, neighbors and coworkers you would like to see at the seminar. Also if you have not yet signed up to help, please take some time to do so. There are many ways you can participate in this seminar; sign-up sheets will be in the back.

Please pray for me as I pray for you!

God’s richest blessings,
Pastor Jeremy McCombs

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