Dear Church Family & Friends,

The Lubbock Church has been moving forward despite challenges.

Nine years ago we faced the challenge of buying our present church – which when originally taken into consideration – the thought of “not a chance” seemingly prevailed. However, with our hopes for the impossible bathed in prayer and perseverance, soon the church was offered to us at one-third the initial price. Of course joy prevailed as the challenge of having a new church home became a reality.

Next, the challenge of opening a church school in Lubbock appeared to be an impossibility. But with God and a people determined to train their children for service to the King once again the impossible became possible and today we have a dynamic church school with a faculty second to none.

Now we are faced with a continuing challenge to see if we can once again turn the impossible into the possible. Two years ago we challenged ourselves to give $144,000 towards our mortgage by December 31, 2011. As of October 1 we had raised $108,000. However, since then we have given $15,000 – thus, if we give $21,000 more to OUR RESCUE MISSION between now and the end of the year – once again with Heaven’s help and blessings we will have met the challenge to turn the impossible into the possible.

I know that with Christ we can do it.

You’re Friend,

Pastor Earl

PS. While writing this letter I have been deeply impressed to give more towards OUR RESCUR MISSION. Thus, with Heaven’s help I have determined to give $1,000 by the end of the year. May the Lord bless you as you covenant with Christ what your gift for OUR RESCUE MISSION will be.