“Geography has made us neighbors. History has made us friends. Economics has made us partners, and necessity has made us allies. Those whom God has so joined together, let no man put asunder.”
– John F. Kennedy

The words of President Kennedy are still true. At that time there were some political realities that went with this statement. Now, many decades removed from that time, these words describe our present reality as well. The most stunning truth is the reminder that God has brought us together.

Nehemiah found himself pulling people together from various spheres of life.
From various economic means.
From various rungs on the social ladder.
From various levels of commitment to God.
The most amazing thing of all is how God was able to keep them together as they rebuilt the wall.

This week we will be studying how God brought these people together and how they were able to accomplish this work. As we study Chapter Three of Nehemiah we will find that there are leadership traits, skills, acts and abilities which are all God given and blessed. The most incredible reality we will find is that we too can accomplish the impossible if we choose to work together!

We were called for such a place as this for such a time as now. As we continue our Nehemiah: Building on the Will of God series, are you ready to accept the plan that God has called you to? Are you ready to work with your fellow brothers and sisters? There is so much to be accomplished and seemingly so little time to do it all. However, we have to realize that the impossible is possible with our God. May we live in this reality knowing that with our Awesome God we can accomplish anything!

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Geraldo