The Review and Herald Publishing Association’s popular Guide’s Greatest Stories books are each filled with some of Guide Magazines most popular stories. A new Guide’s Greatest Stories has recently been published. The eyecatching title is Guide’s Greatest Funny Stories. Each of the stories in this collection brings a chuckle to the tummy and grin on your face.

Each morning for worship Miss Zimmermann tells one of these funny stories that are both inspirational and humorous. Everyone laughs when Jack, who thinks a lie will cover his secret, wakes up to a squirmy surprise. Gasps abounded when disobedient Dan decides to dry his pants over an open fire and has to walk home wrapped in roofing tarp.

The stories start the school day out with a laugh and impress all of us with one of the many lessons God is ready to teach us.

You are welcome to stop by Lubbock Junior Academy for our 8:30 a.m. worship for singing and laughing with our students while we all learn from the mistakes of others.

Susan Zimmermann