Finishing a challenge is a great feeling! Every LJA student has completed their math book for the year. Two students have even worked through one and a-half math books.

In addition, every student in grades 3-8 know all addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. When tested over each operation’s 100 flash cards they can all rattle off the answers in three minutes or less. Students usually complete 20–25 math pages weekly. Because of our Mastery Level Learning philosophy students complete every assignment until there are no mistakes. Thus, leaving no void in their math learning.

The Seventh-day Adventist North American Division of Education specifically chose the Houghton Mifflin GO Math! series due to its thorough coverage of the Common Core Standards. Efforts to provide a focused, rigorous math curriculum was given particular attention. Each concept begins with a basic situation and progresses toward more abstract problems. You can learn more about the Common Core Standards and Go Math! at and

Lubbock Junior Academy maintains a high academic standard and provides a Christ-Centered faith-based learning environment. Please talk to Susan Zimmermann, principal, about enrolling your child in our grades, K-9 school.