Dear Church Family,

There was a amn who go tlost in the desert. After wandering around for a long time, his throat became very dry. About that time he saw a little shack in the distance. He made his way over to the shack and found a water pump with a small jub for water and a note.

The note read:

“Pour all the water into the top of the pump to prime it. If you do this you will get all the water you need.”

Now the man had a choice to make. if he trusted the note and poured the water in and itworked he would have all the water he needed. If it didn’t work he would still be thursty, and he might die. Or, he could choose to drink the water in the jug and get immediate satisfaction, but it might not be enough, and he still might die. After thinking about it the man decided to risk it. He poured the entire jug into the pump and began to work the handle. At first nothing happened and he got a little scared, but he kept pumping and water started coming out. So much water came out that he drank all he wanted, took a shower, and filled all the containers he could find. Because he was willing to give up momntary satisfaction, he got all the water he needed. Now the note also said:

“After you have finished, please refill the jug for the next traveler.”

The man refilled the jug and added to the note:

“Please prime the pump. Believe me, it works!”

Five years ago, our church congregation stepped out in the faith that God wanted us to start a school. We primed the pump by committing to pay the full teacher’s salary whether we had a single student show up or not. God has provided us with students, and the finances to pay the teacher. We are at another well-head. I believe God is leading us to gro. Luggock Junior Academy School Board has voted to expand the current 1 through 8th grade program to a Kindergarten through 9th grade program. This will require the addition of another teacher. The school board and church board have started pumping the handle. At the upcoming Church Business Meeting each church member will have the opportunity to be part of the decision of whether we will prime the pump as we did five years ago or stick with the jar we have. I personally love to see God bless!

Sabbath, March 1, “Against all Odds” will be the topic for our 11 O’clock Worship Service. We are in a war with the odds seemingly stacked against us. We are under sonstant assault from the outside by the world, by the Devil and his angels. We are undermined from the inside by our sinful nature and desires. Well, there is wonderful news; God is fighting fur us. I say with Paul,

“…If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Rom. 8:31)

Sabbath, March 8, will be a full day of blessings. Starting at 9:15am with the first monthly corporate Sabbath School programs planned to emphasize the true meaning of “Missions.” Our Sabbath School is growing. Pland to be a part!

At 11:00am, International speaker and Music Evangelist, Christian Berdahl, will be our guest speaker. His message will be about “The Balanced Christian” life. Maintaining balance is a constant struggle. I know this will be an edifying, uplifting and enjoyable time together. I am anxious to spend it with each of you. Then plan to stay for an all-church fellowhsip lunch.

At 6:00pm, plan to attend a free Concert by Christian Berdahl. This will be a spiritual blessing you will not want to miss.

Sunday, March 9 at 5:00pm, Church Business Meeting. The largest item on the agenda will be the proposed Budget for 2014. We will need to decide if we want to prim the pump again and trust God to provide. Lubbock Junior Academy and our children need your support.

Sabbath Worship Hour on March 15, will be the blessing of Communion. This service is such a sweet privilege which can draw us closer to our Savior and to our church family. I pray you will join us for the wonderful ordinance, a gift from our precious Lord.

The weekend of March 21-23, Our Lubbock Church will host a Texico Conference Pathfinder Club Leadership Training weekend for all of North Texas. Sabbath, March22, Pastor Ricardo Baratta will be the guest speaker for our Worship Service.

Sabbath. March 29. at 9:15am. 13th Sabbath Mission Sabbath School Program
I look forward to being back in the pulpit with you for the 11 o’clock Worship Service. In our time together we will explore weaknesses, which we all struggle to get go of, and we have our excuses, justifications or rationales to anesthetize our conscience to the seriousness of hte problems. We think, “It’s just a little thing,” or “I’ll quit it pretty soon,” or “I can quit it anytime.” I wonder how different we are from that Biblical strong man Samson, and his weakness. Is there the same danger of a Spiritual hair cut?

I hope this letter finds you blessed and in health. Please pray for me as I pray for you!

God’s richest blessings,
Pastor Jeremy McCombs

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