Jesus was a master at dealing with
people. By both His words and actions,
He demonstrated acceptance.
He listened sensitively to their concerns,
raised questions, and gradually revealed
divine truths. He recognized the inner
longing in the most hardened hearts and
saw potential in the vilest sinners. For Jesus, no one was
beyond the reach of the gospel. Jesus certainly believed that
“None have fallen so low, none are so vile, but that they can
find deliverance in Christ”. Ellen G. White, The Desire of Ages, p. 258.
Jesus looked at people through a different set of lenses than
the rest of us do. He saw in each human being a reflection
of the glory of the original Creation. He raised their thinking
to grasp the possibility of what they might become, and many
rose to meet His expectations for their lives.

Everywhere Jesus went He saw spiritual possibilities; He saw
potential candidates for the kingdom of God in the most
unlikely circumstances. We call this ability “church growth
eyes”. Church growth eyes are a cultivated sensitivity to see
people as Jesus saw them, as winnable for the kingdom of
God. This also involves “church growth ears”, which has to
do with listening to the unspoken needs of those around us.
It has to do with listening to their hearts’ longing for something
they do not have, even if they have not openly expressed

Ask the Lord to make you sensitive to the ministry of the
Holy Spirit in the lives of others. Pray that God will give you
the second touch and open your eyes to the spiritual opportunities
He brings before you each day to share your faith
with others. Seek God for a seeing eye, a listening sensitive
heart, and a willingness to share the Christ you know and
love with others, and you will be on your way to an exciting
journey of a lifetime. Life will take on a whole new meaning.
You will have a sense of satisfaction and joy that you have
never experienced before. Only those who work for souls
can know the satisfaction it can bring.

Principal Contributor: Mark Finley