It’s always fun to start a journey. You never know what is around the next corner or what’s over the next hill. Our Lubbock Junior Academy students have been on a journey God left for us. We are reading Steps to Christ, by Ellen White. The further we go on this journey, the more we are learning how to be like Him.

Each student has their very own Steps to Christ, in which they can underline key paragraphs and write in the margins general principles directing how to learn about Jesus and be more like Him. Recent principles have included:
◾We learn that Jesus connects us to heaven. pp. 19,20.
◾We learn about choosing to believe. pp. 47,48
◾We learn God loves us, no matter what. pp. 53,54
◾We learn it’s what’s inside that counts. Pp. 60,61

Along this journey we hear mission, character building, and historical stories which give practical examples of how we can be like Jesus. Also, we read scriptures giving us Biblical proof of Jesus’ character.

On our exciting journey we will learn what it means to be a Christian, and to understand how a Christian grows and matures. It’s a journey we invite you to take with us. Read and experience how to take steps towards our Creator, Jesus Christ.

Susan Zimmermann