Journey to Excellence

A benchmark of an exemplary Seventh-day Adventist school is the regular evaluation of all aspects of its educational program. Currently, church members, school parents and teachers are examining Lubbock Junior Academy’s philosophy, curriculum, student safety, administration, and financial practices. These strands are being examined by using the 100+ page evaluation instrument designed by the North American Division of Education.

In December, an evaluation team consisting of Derral Reeve, Texico Conference Education Superintendent, and four other educators will examine our school to see if each student is receiving a quality product and that the desired results have or are being reached.

The evaluation team which is organized by the Texico Conference will also check to see if our school uses the Journey to Excellence standards. Journey to Excellence consists of ten goals which provide Seventh-day Adventist schools with an organizational culture that encourages continual, planned improvement. A poster of these goals is located in the church foyer.
Please include Lubbock Junior Academy in your prayers in regards to our upcoming evaluation.

Susan Zimmermann