When someone sees “red” they might think about being angry. During the last week of October, students of Lubbock Junior Academy saw “red” every day. Each afternoon we discussed a different dangerous, addicting drug that make us angry for how it can harm a person’s brain and other vital organs.

Each day the students dressed in a way that expressed the topic for the day. One day the students wore mismatched socks and/or shoes that emphasized that “We put our foot down on drugs” Another day we wore caps to symbolize that we “Put a Lid on Drugs.” Our last day of Red Ribbon Week, we wore as much red as we could to let everyone know, “The Redder the Better.” Staying away from addictive drugs is the way to go.

Along with the unusual dress, the students received a sticker for wearing the unique fashion of the day. Each sticker stood for a part of a sundae. Monday’s sticker meant a student had earned a scoop of ice cream, Tuesday’s sticker indicated they had earned syrup. On Friday of our Red Ribbon-Drug Prevention Week we ate a sundae topped with syrup, sprinkles, whipped cream, and chopped nuts.

We Texans give drugs the boot!

Susan Zimmermann