Remembering is always good for our students. Friday, January 13, we took time to remember the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The morning worship recalled a time when a young Martin played with two white neighborhood boys. When Martin and his two friends began to attend school, the friends didn’t play together anymore. This was a puzzling and hurtful experience for Martin. However, his father told him he was as good as anyone else and to always do his best in all that he did.

We watched some vintage film depicting the Montgomery Bus Boycott which started December 1, 1955. That day the African-Americans of Montgomery, decided they would boycott the city buses until they could sit anywhere they wanted, instead of being relegated to the back. Our students loved watching the empty buses driving on the streets while the African Americans walked.

Remembering the life of a young man who lived his life for a cause bigger than himself, acts of non-violent behavior and helping others is something we want our students to make a part of their lives.

Friday afternoon, we spent time participating in a service project. The infamous Texas winds had blown trash all over the school and church property. Our students picked up and threw away the trash.