Kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade, fourth grade: miss a jump, start over. It sounds like the Lubbock Junior Academy students have been playing some jump rope games. They have been jumping rope for the past three weeks. Several hours of learning or relearning to jump rope, run while jumping rope, jumping rope backwards and jumping with a friend have all been part of our Jump Rope for the Heart fundraiser.

Our students are raising money for the American Heart Association while strengthening their own hearts. We’ve learned that jumping rope can improve both your overall level of health and athleticism. Jumping rope just 10 minutes a day can dramatically improve your health. Health benefits include improved cardio fitness, muscle and bone strength, and flexibility.

Please join us in our “jump-a-thon” as we raise money for the American Heart Association. Make your check payable to the American Heart Association and give your check or cash to Kathy Flyger or Susan Zimmermann. Your dollars will help yours and our hearts feel a whole lot stronger.